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Python Programming Foundation - Self Paced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Explore Python language from scratch with our beginner-friendly course! Learn essential concepts like Python basics, Variables, Data types, Input/output, Operators, OOP concepts, and more. Gain hands-on experience with practical exercises to build a solid foundation in programming. Start coding confidently with us today!

levelBeginner and Intermediatecourse duration6 Weeks
Comprehensive LearningBeginner FriendlyCourse CertificateAssessment Tests

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Course Overview

  • Curated by CEO Mr. Sandeep Jain and industry experts.
  • 10+ hours of recorded content
  • 50+ Practice Problems
  • 100+ questions including output-based programs
  • Learn Functions, Loops, Strings, and Lists efficiently.
  • Gain command over Object Oriented Programming
  • Suitable for both new programmers and experienced coders.
  • Practice Python programming examples for skill development.
  • Strengthen Python foundations before advancing to DSA using Python.
  • Explore Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Program
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Course Content

01Python Basics
  • Background Part 1 (IO Devices, CPU and Memory)
  • Background Part 2 (Computer Organization)
  • Why Do We Need Programming Languages
  • Python Introduction
  • Python Standard and Implementations
  • How Python Programs Are Executed
  • Python Programming Terminology
  • Python Installation and First Program
  • Comments in Python
02Variables and Data Types
  • Variables in Python
  • Swap two Variables
  • Id() in Python
  • Type() in Python
  • List Introduction
  • Tuples in Python
  • Set in Python
  • Dictionary in Python
  • Type Conversion in Python
03Input and Output in Python
  • print() in Python
  • input() in Python
  • Arithmetic Operators in Python
  • Logical Operators in Python
  • Identity Comparison Operators in Python
  • Membership Test Operators in Python
  • Course Content
  • Bitwise Operators in Python Part 1
  • Bitwise Operators in Python Part 2
  • Arithmetic Progression nth Term in Python
  • Geometric Progression nth Term in Python
  • Sum of Natural numbers
  • Find Last Digit in Python
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