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RESUME – First Stepping Stone of Interview Preparation

Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2024
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Resumes are the first stepping stone to preparing for Interviews, either for technical or non-technical profiles. Based on the resume will be shortlisted for the profile you applied for. To create an interactive resume related to the applied profile is quite difficult for freshers. Because an interviewer refers to your resume and asks questions accordingly. That’s why building a good resume ATS(Applicant Tracking Systems) friendly resume showcases your skills and expertise to the interviewer.



What is a Resume?

A Resume is a professional and a brief description of you and your skills. Your resume plays an important role in placement (on-campus/off-campus both). So, it is very important to build a suitable resume to get noticed and shortlisted by recruiters.

Lots of people get confused between a Resume and a CV(Curriculum Vitae) – if you have the same confusion feel free to give it a read – Link

Resume Templates Based on Profiles

Every profile needs some particular skills related to that field so every resume template is designed in that way. So we have a collection of Resume Templates for popular profiles that will help you get shortlisted for the interview.


Data Scientist Resume: Template, Example, Tips

DevOps Engineer Resume: Template, Example, Tips


Full Stack Developer Resume: Template, Examples and Tips


Software Developer Resume: Template, Examples and Tips

Types of Resume

There are three types of resumes used in the industry

  • Chronological Resume: This is the type of resume an experienced employee should follow, because it keeps the recent events on the top like work exp. listed first. So the employer can made a right call on the basis of your last work.
  • Functional Resume: A functional resume mainly focused on skills best for college students or frehsers. Or those who had career gap. It is an ideal resume for freelancer – as skills all it matters.
  • Combined Resume: It’s a hybrid that helps you to keep skills and work exp. side by side. In this resume article will be short but with content you can reprenst yourself.

Resume Doubts

During resume creation, lots of questions will come into your mind like -“What to include?”, “What Hobbies can be included?”, “How long a resume should be?”, etc. To clear those doubts we have dedicated articles for that.

Steps to follow for Resume Preparation

Step 1: Choose Right Resume Template
This is often the primary stage, which starts with the structure you want to utilize to build your continue. Take a few time to consider this alternative.

Step 2: Provide Your Name and Contact Details
Full name, with short address and Ph number with the mail id will help you

Step 3: Write your own Career Objective
A Proficient Objective/Resume Objective explanation indicates either a particular work or a common career way simply proposed to seek after. It powers as a ongoing pitch.

Step 4: Work Experiences (Related to the Applied Profile) – *Omit if you are a Fresher
This segment, titled “Work Experience” or “Professional Experience,” ought to center on your common skills in a way that illustrates how your past encounter might advantage an employer’s future plans.

Step 5: Educational Background with the month & year
On the off chance that you’re still in college or have as of late graduated, your instruction is most likely your most profitable ownership. In invert documented arrange, display your informative foundation. Taking the foremost later degree first.

Step 6: Skills related to the applied profile
You’ll portray your specialized capacities in this field. When composing almost your specialized skills, use activity verbs since enrollment specialists and candidate following frameworks search for these continue catchphrases.

Step 7: Projects and Certifications
You might list any projects or capabilities you’ve got earned all through your career in this segment. Experiences and certifications are exceptionally imperative in a continue:

  • Can highlight your peojects and Projects shluld be hosted
  • Certification links should be mentioned

At the end you can also add other details about yourself like hobies, known languages, etc.

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