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Placement Training Program

A B2B program that focuses on technical campus training to enable students to become interview ready and employable.

Assisting Campus Students

The focus of this program is to equip students with industry-standard methodologies and knowledge to help them become job-ready.
Interview Centric
Skill Centric
Basic Programming

Features of this Program

Our exclusive Placement Training Program is designed to provide the students of your college with the competitive edge they need in today's job market.
Live classes by industry experts
Students get to interact with industry professionals for expert guidance and advice
Dedicated doubt assistance
24X7 Assistance by dedicated TAs ensure that students get personalized attention, feedback, and insights
LMS with practice questions & quiz
Enhance learning through interactive practice and assessment with our learning management system
Project centric learning
Get a better understanding of how factual concepts are implemented in real-life scenarios
Real-time interview centric contests
Foster healthy competition among students through coding contests, encouraging them to enhance their problem-solving abilities and coding speed.

An advantage to Campus

Enrolling your campus for this program will help you strengthen your colleges’ reputation, demonstrate better results, build industry connections and help your students become future-technology ready.
Performance Tracker
Gain insights into your students' progress like never before. Stay informed about their quiz scores, project completion rates, and coding challenges to ensure personalized guidance and tailored support.
Skill enhancement
Through interactive learning, coding exercises, and hands-on projects, your campus will witness a significant boost in students' proficiency and their readiness to tackle real-world challenges.
Hiring assistance
From resume building workshops to interview preparation and connecting them with top-tier companies, our program ensures that your campus becomes a launchpad for professional success.
Key account manager
Our dedicated account manager serves as your direct point of contact, ensuring that your campus's unique needs are understood and catered to.

Placement Oriented Training Program

Through this program, your campus ensures that students are not just academically strong, but also industry-ready. Our Placement Oriented Training Program is the bridge between classroom learning and professional success
B2B Business
This collaborative approach paves the way for a mutually beneficial relationship, enhancing your students' education while contributing to your campus's growth.
Upscale your Campus with GfG
Elevate your campus's educational offerings by integrating GeeksforGeeks into your curriculum. Our comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and industry-aligned programs can add immense value to your campus's reputation
Placement Centric
We understand the significance of a strong foundation in technical and soft skills for securing job placements.With our Placement Centric offerings, your campus will become a launchpad for success!
Affordable Prices
We understand the budget constraints that institutions may face, which is why we have tailored our pricing to ensure that even the most cost-conscious campuses can benefit from our offerings.
Student With Trophy

Our Partner Institutions

We are already revolutionizing education and paving the way for brighter futures in these campuses’. Your college can be the next!
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Get job-ready with affordable, career-aligned training programs taught by expert instructors from top companies and universities. Start pursuing your career dreams today with our program and get GeeksforGeeks certified

Hear what our students say

Find GeeksforGeeks alumni profiles and hear what they say about GeekforGeeks courses!
Testimonial user Avatar Nikhil Isaac
Geeks for Geeks' DSA course has been an absolute game-changer for my career. As an electronics engineering student aspiring to land an internship at a FAANG company, I knew I needed to strengthen my data structures and programming algorithms skills. This course provided the comprehensive and structured learning I was seeking
Testimonial user Avatar Sarvesh Chavan
The GFG DSA course exceeded my expectations. The content is well-structured, with clear explanations and relevant examples. Thank you GeeksforGeeks for amazing content. The interactive approach truly enhances learning. Overall, it's a great course for mastering Data Structures and Algorithms.
Testimonial user Avatar Pranav Masekar
The DSA course was comprehensive and well-structured, covering essential data structures and algorithms. The instructors provided clear explanations and practical examples, making it easy to understand and apply the concepts. The course greatly improved my problem-solving skills and prepared me for coding interviews. Highly recommended!
Testimonial user Avatar Apoorva Chauhan
I usually read from this app when I cannot use my laptop. Useful App to Learn DS & Algo, Programming while travelling. It has access to all content I can read from my laptop and is....
Testimonial user Avatar Ajit Pawar
I recently completed the online DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms) course, and I must say it was an exceptional learning experience. The course was well-structured, comprehensive, and delivered with utmost professionalism. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible effort put in by the instructors and the entire course team.
Testimonial user Avatar Susmit Garudkar
The course is very organised and i am able to learn and revised all the things that are needed for placements is efficient manne
Testimonial user Avatar Pratiksha Kadam
GeeksforGeeks have very helpful course for all the students who want to know about DSA in details
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Hiring assistance with GfG

We collaborate closely with campuses to understand their unique needs, curricula, and student profiles. Leveraging our extensive industry network, we connect students with leading companies actively seeking fresh talent.
GFG Recruitment Platform
Empowering tech talent to connect with top companies and unlock their career potential
Monthly Job-A-Thon
Monthly hiring challenges providing access to multiple job openings via a single contest
Job Fair
Free job fair where hundreds of companies are invited with multiple job openings for students
Placement Assistance
Dedicated placement cell aimed at assisting students with their job applications process

Learning Journey

With us, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination! Have a look at what the students will experience-
calendar-icon Training Program
calendar-icon Access to Contests
calendar-icon Access to Hiring Partners
Start Here
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jouney-step Live Sessions
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jouney-step Get a SDE Role
jouney-step Data Structures & Algorithms
jouney-step Practice Questions
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Frequently Asked Question
Questions you might have about our products and services
How would this training program be helpful in placements?
This training program is designed in such a way that every candidate would be prepared on industry relevant requirements. Expert mentors would help each and every candidate and will ensure their learning curve is growing extensively.
Who are eligible for this training program?
Students who wants to get into product based companies (from 3rd Semester till 7th Semester) and targeting software developer roles can be part of this training program.
How is this training program is different?
GeeksforGeeks offers lots of perks to the universities and institutions with this training program like: 24*7 Doubt Support, LIVE Classes from Industry Experts, LMS access to stakeholders for performance tracking, Placement Assistance etc.
How the curriculum is designed for the training program?
We design the curriculum according to the university or an individual institution requirement. Also, we provide our curriculum which is curated by industry experts and mentors.
Do you provide certification to the students over the completion of this training program?
Yes, GeeksforGeeks provides certification after the completion of the training program.