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Free Website Templates – HTML and CSS Templates with Source Code

Last Updated : 22 May, 2024
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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) form the fundamental building blocks for designing and developing the structure of any web page or website. Together, they create an interactive and visually appealing user interface through the use of various CSS properties.

This article curates a list of top-notch HTML & CSS template-based projects. These projects are designed to enhance your frontend skills and deepen your understanding of HTML & CSS.

General Animations

1 Animated Bar Template
2 Dot Loading Animation Template
3 Ghost Text Animation Template
4 Create a shock wave or explosion effect
5 Create an X and Y-axis flip animation
6 Design a Rotating card effect Template
7 Create a Floating Box Effect
8 Create a Liquid-Filling Effect on Text
9 Create an Animated Loader Ring
10 Design a running car animation
11 Animation ideas for web pages
12 Create an Animated Side Navbar
13 Create an Effect of Particle Animation
14 Create a Snowfall Animation Effect
15 Create a rotating shape loader animation
16 Create a button hover animation effect
17 Design a Fade balls loader Animation
18 Create a Shimmer Effect
19 Design a Carousel Column Expansion Animation Effect
20 Create a morph spinner animation
21 Create an animated gradient background smoothly
22 Create an Animate Details Element
23 Create an animated pill-shaped button
24 Create a Letter-Spacing Animation Effect
25 Create a Shooting Star Animation Effect
26 Create an Animate Rainbow Heart from a Square
27 Create an Animated Table
28 Create an Image Hovered Detail
29 Create an Animated Search Box
30 Gooey Balls Animation Template
31 Create a Loading Blur Text Animation Effect

Button Effects

1 Create a Shaky button
2 Create a button with stitched border
3 Create a shiny button
4 Rubber Band Text Animation Template
5 Create a Dancing Keys Effect
6 Create a Shake a Button on Hover
7 Create an animated pill-shaped button
8 Create a dark theme using Slider
9 Create a Toggle Switch Template
10 Create a Transparent button Template

Text Effects

1 Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
2 Create a Multilayered Text Effect
3 Create a Shrink Text on Hover
4 Create a Text Reveal Effect for Buttons
5 Create a Gradient Text Effect Template
6 Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
7 Create a Text Color Animation
8 Create an Engraved Text Effect
9 Create a Typewriter Animation
10 Create a Cutout Text
11 Create a long shadow of text without using text-shadow
12 Create a Breadcrumbs Template
13 Create a Typewriter Animation
14 Create a Sliding Text Reveal Animation
15 Create a spin text on mouse hover

Image Effects

1 Create an Image Folding Effect Template
2 Create an Image Stack Illusion Template
3 Create a Spotlight Effect Template
4 Create a Drop-fill color to change the image color
5 Create an Apply Glowing Effect to the Image
6 Design a Frosted Glass Effect Template
7 Neumorphism Effect Template
8 Create custom arrows for your website
9 Create a place text on image
10 Create an Image Overlay Icon
11 Create a Profile Card Hover Effect
12 Create a paper corner fold effect on hover

Background Effects

1 Create a Chess pattern background
2 Create a Gradient Background Animation Template
3 Create a Galaxy Background Template
4 Create a Fireflie background Template
5 Create a Neumorphism Effect Template
6 Create an Effect to Change Button Color
7 Create an Amazing Hover Effect over the Button
8 Create a photo sliding effect
9 Create a Non-Rectangular Header
10 Create a Wave Image for a Background
11 Create a Skewed Background with a hover effect
12 Create an Add Image in Text Background
13 Create a Neon Light Button Template
1 Sidebar Menu With Tooltips
2 Create a Vertical Navigation Bar
3 Create an Animated Navigation Bar with a Hover Effect
4 Create horizontal scrollable sections
5 Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar Template
6 Create a vertical wavy text line
7 Create a Navigation Bar with three Different Alignments
8 Design a Webpage Template
9 Design a modern sidebar menu
10 Facebook Homepage Template

Form and Input

1 Create a Color of Progress Bar
2 Create a Custom Radio Button Template

Webpage Templates

1 Design a Parallax Webpage Template
2 Technical Documentation Webpage Template
3 Design an Event Webpage Template
4 Create a Designing a Working Table Fan
5 Create a Bootcamp Website Template
6 Design a Tribute Page Template
7 Create a Build a Survey Form
8 Design a Calendar Template
9 Design an About Us Page Template
10 Design a Contact Us Page Template
11 Design a webpage for an online food delivery system
12 Create a 3D Flip button Template
13 Create an Indian Flag Template
14 Create a Pagination Template
15 Create a Responsive Profile Card Template
16 Create an Image Accordion Template
17 Create a GeeksforGeeks logo Template
18 Create a Circular Progress Bar Template
19 Create a LinkedIn Login Form Template
20 Design a Transparent login/Sign Up webpage
21 Facebook WOW emoji Template
22 Create a Breadcrumbs Template


1 Create a Responsive Card with a hover effect
2 Create a Windows loading effect
3 Create three boxes in the same div
4 Create a glass/blur effect overlay
5 Create a working slider
6 Align a logo image to center of navigation bar
7 Create a Pricing Table
8 Create a Happy Independence Day 2022 | National Flag Design
9 Create a Vertical Menu

In conclusion, mastering HTML and CSS is crucial for any aspiring web developer. The projects listed in this article provide a practical and engaging way to apply and improve your HTML & CSS skills. 

FAQ’s Based on HTML and CSS Template Projects

Q1. What is an HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: It refers to a starter template or boilerplate, which has a pre-built set of files and folders that provides a foundational structure for designing the basic website/webpages.

Q2. What is the purpose of using an HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: This HTML and CSS Template Projects will provide you quick understanding for design & develop the basic Template Projects ideas using various CSS Properties & Animations that are used with HTML Elements.

Q3. Will this HTML and CSS Template Projects uses any CSS Frameworks?

Ans: No. It is purely based on the HTML and CSS only & does not use any CSS Frameworks.

Q4. How to get benefits by using this HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: This will help you to learn & practice the implementation of various concepts of an HTML & CSS Properties, along with providing quick ideas for design & develop your own Template Projects.

Q5. What are the prerequisite knowledge required for the HTML and CSS Template Projects?

Ans: Basic understanding of various HTML and CSS Concepts.

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