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Python Exercise with Practice Questions and Solutions

Last Updated : 14 Mar, 2024
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Python Exercise: Practice makes you perfect in everything. This proverb always proves itself correct. Just like this, if you are a Python learner, then regular practice of Python exercises makes you more confident and sharpens your skills. So, to test your skills, go through these Python exercises with solutions.

Python is a widely used general-purpose high-level language that can be used for many purposes like creating GUI, web Scraping, web development, etc. You might have seen various Python tutorials that explain the concepts in detail but that might not be enough to get hold of this language. The best way to learn is by practising it more and more.

The best thing about this Python practice exercise is that it helps you learn Python using sets of detailed programming questions from basic to advanced. It covers questions on core Python concepts as well as applications of Python in various domains. So if you are at any stage like beginner, intermediate or advanced this Python practice set will help you to boost your programming skills in Python.

List of Python Programming Exercises

In the below section, we have gathered chapter-wise Python exercises with solutions. So, scroll down to the relevant topics and try to solve the Python program practice set.

Python List Exercises

>> More Programs on List

Python String Exercises

>> More Programs on String

Python Tuple Exercises

>> More Programs on Tuple

Python Dictionary Exercises

>> More Programs on Dictionary

Python Set Exercises

>> More Programs on Sets

Python Matrix Exercises

>> More Programs on Matrices

Python Functions Exercises

>> More Programs on Functions

Python Lambda Exercises

>> More Programs on Lambda

Python Pattern printing Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Pattern Printing

Python DateTime Exercises

>> More Programs on DateTime

Python OOPS Exercises

>> More Programs on Python OOPS

Python Regex Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Regex

Python LinkedList Exercises

>> More Programs on Linked Lists

Python Searching Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Searching

Python Sorting Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Sorting

Python DSA Exercises

>> More Programs on Python DSA

Python File Handling Exercises

>> More Programs on Python File Handling

Python CSV Exercises

>> More Programs on Python CSV

Python JSON Exercises

>> More Programs on Python JSON

Python OS Module Exercises

>> More Programs on OS Module

Python Tkinter Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Tkinter

NumPy Exercises

>> More Programs on NumPy

Pandas Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Pandas

Python Web Scraping Exercises

>> More Programs on Web Scraping

Python Selenium Exercises

>> More Programs on Python Selenium

Python Projects

>> More Projects in Python


In closing, we just want to say that the practice or solving Python problems always helps to clear your core concepts and programming logic. Hence, we have designed this Python exercises after deep research so that one can easily enhance their skills and logic abilities.

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