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Top 100+ Excel Shortcut Keys List (A to Z)

Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2024
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Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts can increase productivity and save you time? Although the term “shortcut” may seem intimidating, it’s important to consider the benefits if you use computers every day!

Here, we provide a list of all essential list of excel shortcut keys, Starting with Basic Excel Shortcuts to advanced Excel shortcut keys.


We have also compiled all the essential computer shortcut keys, which include shortcuts for popular software like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Gmail, as well as special characters and shortcuts relevant to competitive exams.

What is Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet with numerous rows and columns, used for organizing data, graphically representing data, and performing different calculations. Despite various new tools for data analytics in the market, Excel is the go-to product for working with data. Excel has numerous in-built features, that make organizing data easier for you.

The Excel shortcut keys help you to work on your data effectively and efficiently. Below are some shortcuts that can be used to perform tasks faster. The Excel shortcut for inserting a row is Alt+I+R and Shortcut for Filter is Ctrl+Shift+L.

Note: CTRL is used in Windows whereas CMD is used for Mac operating system.

List of all the Excel Shortcut Keys

Here below we have provided all the Excel shortcut keys that will make your work fast and efficient:

Basic Shortcuts in Excel

These are the Shortcuts that are used to perform some basic tasks such as opening help, undoing, redoing the last action, and many more.




To open Help

Ctrl + Z

To Undo the last action

Ctrl + Y

To redo the last action

Ctrl + C

To copy the Selected data


To Repeat the last action

Ctrl +X

To cut the selected data

Ctrl + V

To paste the Content from the clipboard

Ctrl + Alt + V

To display the paste special dialog box

Ctrl+ F

To display the find and replace with the find tab selected

Ctrl + H

To display the find and replace with the Replace tab selected

Ctrl+ Shift + F4

Find the previous match

Shift +F4

Find the next match

Alt + F1

Insert Embedded chart


Insert a chart in a new sheet

Ctrl + Shift + L

Toggle Autofilter

Atl + (Arrow down button)

Activate Filter

Ctrl + T or Ctrl + L

Create Table

Shift + Space

Select Table row

Ctrl + Space

Select Table column

Ctrl + A

Select the table when the active cell is in the table

Clear Slicer Filter

Atl + C

Run Spellcheck


Open the Macro Dialog box

Alt + F8

Open VBA Editor

Alt + F11

Duplicate object, Formula, Text Ctrl + D
Snap to grid Alt
Hide or show objects Ctrl + 6
Open modify cell style dialog box Alt + ‘
Show right-click menu Shift + F10
Display control menu Alt Space

Excel Worksheet Shortcut keys

The worksheet is a collection of cells, where you can store and manipulate data. By default, every workbook contains at least one worksheet in it. It is easier to organize and locate information in your workbook by using multiple worksheets when working with huge data. Excel Shortcuts will help you to work with large data in less amount of time. For exiting the worksheet, Renaming the worksheet, and many more.

Below are some shortcuts for worksheet:



Shift + F11

Insert a new worksheet

Ctrl +PgDn

Go to the next Worksheet

Ctrl + PgUp

Go to the previous worksheet

Alt +O, H, R

Rename current worksheet

Alt + E, L

Delete current worksheet

Alt + E, M

Move Current Worksheet

F6 or Shift + F6

Move between the worksheet, Ribbon, Task pane, and zoom controls in a worksheet that has been split

Ctrl + Shift + PgUp/PgDn

Select adjacent worksheet

Ctrl + Click

Select non-adjacent worksheets


Toggle Scroll Lock

Ctrl +Shift + F1

Toggle fullscreen

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + F2

Open print preview window

Alt + P, R, S

Set Print area

Alt + P + R,C

Clear Print area

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel up

Zoom in

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down

Zoom in

Alt + R, P, S

Zoom in

Excel Workbook Shortcut Keys

We can learn the basic operations of the workbook. For example, how to create a new workbook, open an existing workbook, and save a spreadsheet so that data or any performance on the data will not be lost.

The term workbook refers to the entire Excel file.



Ctrl + N

This will create a new workbook

Ctrl + O

This will open an existing workbook

Ctrl + S

This will save a workbook

Ctrl + W

This will Close the current workbook

Ctrl + F4

This will Close Excel

Ctrl + PageDown

This will move to the next sheet

Ctrl + PageUp

To move to the previous sheet

Ctrl + A

To go to the Data tab

Ctrl + W

To go to the View tab

Alt + M To go to the Formula tab
Ctrl + Z

This will undo your most recent action.

Ctrl + Y This will Redo your most recent action.

Shortcuts keys for Ribbon in Excel

The ribbon in Excel is the row of tabs and icons at the top of the Excel window that allows us to quickly find, understand and use commands for completing a certain task.



Ctrl +F1

Expand and collapse Ribbon


Activate access keys

Space or Enter

Activate or open selected Control


Confirm control change


Get help with selected control

Drag and Drop Shortcuts in Excel

Here are the Drag and Drop Shortcut keys in Excel:




Drag and cut

Ctrl + Drag

Drag and copy

Shift + Drag

Drag and insert

Ctrl + Shift + Drag

Drag and insert copy

Alt + Drag

Drag to Worksheet

Ctrl + Drag

Drag to duplicate Worksheet

Shortcuts Keys for Navigation in Excel

The navigation pane in Excel is an easy way to understand a workbook’s layout, see what elements are there in the workbook, and navigate directly to those elements.



Right side arrow

Move one cell Right

Left side arrow

Move one cell Left

Upward arrow

Move one cell up

Downward arrow

Move one cell down

Alt + PgDn

Move one screen Right

Alt + PgUp

Move one screen Left


Move one screen up


Move one screen down

Ctrl + Right Arrow

Move to the right edge of the data region

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Move to the left edge of the data region

Ctrl + Upward arrow

Move to the top edge of the data region

Ctrl + Downward arrow

Move to the bottom edge of the data region


Move to the beginning of Row

Ctrl + End

Move to the last cell in the Worksheet that contains the data

Ctrl + Home

Move to the first cell in the Worksheet


Turn end mode on

Excel Shortcut keys for Active Cell

The active cell is the cell in the worksheet on which the task is being performed. There are various functions that can be performed on Active cell for which below are the shortcut keys:



Shift + Backspace

Select the active cell( when multiple cells already selected0

Ctrl + Backspace

Show the active cell on the worksheet

Ctrl +.

Move active cell clockwise to corners of the selection


Move the active cell down in the selection- wrap to the next column

Shift + Enter

Move active cells up in selection – wrap to the previous column


Move active cell right in a selection – Wrap to next row

Shift + Tab

Move active cell left in a selection – Wrap to the previous row

Excel Shortcut keys for Selection

There is various operation that takes a lot of time, We can do them with a simple click using shortcuts as mentioned below:



Shift + Space

Select the entire row

Ctrl + Space

Select entire column

Ctrl + A

Select the current region if the worksheet contains data. Press again to select the current region and summary rows. Press again to select the entire worksheet.

Shift + Click

Expand Selection

Ctrl + Click

Add nonadjacent cells to the selection

Ctrl + Alt + Right Side arrow

Move right between non- Adjacent selections

Ctrl + Alt + Left side arrow

Move left between non-adjacent selections

Shift +F8

Toggle the ‘Add to selection’ mode


Exit the ‘Add to selection ‘ mode

Shortcut Keys for Cell Edit Mode in Excel

Excel Shortcut Keys for Cell Edit Mode are mentioned below:




Edit active cell

Shift +F2

Insert or edit the comment

Shift + F10 ,M

Delete comment


Cancel Editing

Shift + Right Side Arrow

Select one character right

Shift + Left Side arrow

Select one character Left

Ctrl + Right side Arrow

Move one word right

Ctrl + Left side Arrow

Move one word left

Ctrl + Shift +Right arrow

Select one word right

Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow

Select one word left

Shift +Home

Select the beginning of the cell

Shift + End

Select to end of the cell

Ctrl + Delete

Delete to end of line


Delete the character to the left of the cursor


Delete the character to the right of the cursor

Alt +Enter

Start a new line in the same cell

Excel Shortcut Keys to Enter data

You may need to reenter the data again and again whenever you need to perform the Calculations to make your work easy and fast below are some shortcut keys that can be used to enter the data.




Enter data and move down

Shift + Enter

Enter data and move up


Enter data and move right

Shift +Tab

Enter data and move left

Ctrl + Enter

Enter data and stay in the same cell


Enter the same data in multiple cells

Ctrl + ;

Insert current date

Ctrl + Shift + :

Insert current Time

Ctrl + D

Fill down from the cell Above

Ctrl + R

Fill right from the cell on the left

Ctrl + ‘

Copy the formula from the cell above(the formula is an exact copy)

Ctrl +Shift + “

Copy value from the cell above

Ctrl + K

Insert hyperlink

Alt + Arrow down

Display AutoComplete list

Formatting in Excel Using Shortcut Keys

Excel shortcut keys for Formatting are listed below:



Ctrl + 1

Format cells

Ctrl + Shift + F

Display format cells with font tab selected

Ctrl + B

Apply or remove bold

Ctrl + I

Apply or remove italics

Ctrl + U

Apply or remove the underscore

Ctrl + 5

Apply or remove the strikethrough

Alt + H, A, C

Align center

Alt + H, A, L

Align left

Alt+ H, A, R

Align right

Alt + H, 6


Alt+ H, 5

Remove Indent

Alt + H, W

Wrap text

Alt + H, A, T

Align top

Alt + H, A, M

Align Middle

Alt + H, A, B

Align bottom

Alt + H, F, G

Increase font size by one step

Alt + H, F, K Decrease font size by one step

Shortcut Keys for Insert & Layout in Excel



Alt +N+T

To insert table

Alt +N+P

To insert picture

Alt +N+S+H

To insert shape

Alt +N+S+C

To insert Chart

Alt +N+I

To insert hyperlink

Alt +N+X

To insert a text box

Alt +N+U

To insert Symbol

Alt +N+H

To insert header and footer

Alt +W+F+C

To Create a custom View

How to apply Borders in Excel Using Shortcut

Excel Shortcut Keys to apply borders are listed below:



Alt + H + B

To open a list of borders styles from ribbon

Ctrl + Shift + &

Add a border around selected cells

Alt + H +B,R

Add or remove the right border

Alt + H, B, L

Add or remove the left border

Alt +H, B, P

Add or remove the top border

Alt + H, B, O

Add or remove the bottom border

Alt + H, B, A

Add all borders to all cells in the selection

Ctrl + Shift + –

Remove borders

Excel Shortcut Keys for Pivot Tables

Here are some of the Excel Shortcut keys for Pivot Tables:



Alt + N+ V

Create pivot table

Ctrl + A

Select entire pivot table

Alt + Shift + Right arrow

Group pivot table

Alt + Shift + Left arrow

Ungroup Pivot table items

Ctrl + –

Hide (Filter out) pivot table item

Alt + H,S,C

Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table item

Alt +N,S,Z,C

Insert pivot chart.


The above article provides the important shortcut keys that will help you in saving time. These key shortcuts are very helpful in Excel allowing you to ditch long methods for simple tasks and helps you to excel in excel fast.

Excel Shortcut Keys – FAQs

Which are the 5 basic shortcut keys?

The 5 basic shortcut keys are:

  1. Copy: Ctrl + C.
  2. Cut: Ctrl + X.
  3. Paste: Ctrl + V.
  4. Display and hide the desktop: Windows logo key + D.
  5. Switch between open apps: Alt + Tab.

Give some shortcuts for Number formatting

Some shortcut keys for Number Formatting are:

  • Ctrl + Shift + ~ : To apply a general format
  • Ctrl + Shift +! : To apply the number format
  • Ctrl + Shift + @ : To apply the time format
  • Ctrl + Shift + # : To apply the date format
  • Ctrl + Shift + $ : To Apply Currency Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + % : To apply Percentage Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + ^ : To apply a scientific format

What are the 20 shortcut keys in Excel?

The 20 shortcut keys in Excel are:

1. To move to the next sheet – Ctrl + PageDown

2. To edit a cell – F2

3. Go to Formula Tab – ALT +M

4. Close Excel – CTRL +F4

5. Create New Workbook -CTRL + N

6. To add border – ALT + H + B

7. To move to the next Cell – Tab

8. Copy Cells- CTRL + C

9. Paste Cells- CTRL + V

10. Createv pivot table – ALT +N +V

11. Selecting Entire pivot table – CTRL +A

12. Creating custom view- ALT +W + F + C

13. Enter data and move left – Shift + Tab

14. Insert current date- CTRL +;

15. Activate or open selected Control- Space

16. Format cells – CTRL + 1

17. Drag to Worksheet- ALT + Drag

18. To apply the number format- CTRL + Shift + !

19. Turn end mode on- end

20. Move to the beginning of Row- Home

What does Ctrl +Y mean?

This keyboard Shortcut is used for performing the same action Again. This means CTRL +Y is to redo

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