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Master C++ Programming - Complete Beginner to Advanced

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

Become an ace in C++ Programming Language and master the C++ programming skills from basics to advanced. This course is a complete package of videos, notes & contests from basics to STL libraries & algorithms. The perfect C++ course for beginners.

levelBeginner to Advancecourse duration12 Weeks
Comprehensive LearningCourse CertificateAssessment TestsFlexible Learning

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Course Overview

  • Start your C++ journey with CEO Sandeep Jain and industry experts.
  • Benefit from 15+ hours of Basic Content
  • And 20+ hours of Advanced Content.
  • Practice with 150+ industry-oriented coding problems.
  • Test your knowledge with 300+ MCQs & output-based questions
  • Engage in coding contests for self-assessment.
  • Utilize short notes for quick revisions.
  • Receive 24x7 doubt assistance in every topic and problem.
  • Covers basic C++ Data Types, Loops, Arrays, and OOPS
  • Explore C++ STL libraries like stack, queue, set, map, and more.
  • Give your engineering career the head start it deserves
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What Sets Us Apart

24 X 7 Doubt Support

Recognised Certification

Expert Mentors

Course Features
24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unleash your coding potential with confidence, as our Doubt Support service stands by your side! 

Benefits of this service: 

- Access to Expert TAs
- Prompt Response
- Tailored Guidance
- 1:1 Video & On-Call Support
& Much More

Now code with confidence, triumph over doubts, and level up your skills!

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What Sets Us Apart

24 X 7 Doubt Support

A dedicated service provided with this course for free to help you overcome any doubt, at any time, and anywhere. So unlea

Recognised Certification

Boost your coding street cred! Excel in the tech landscape with our comprehensive course and prestigious certificates that

Expert Mentors

With a passion for teaching, our mentor(s) sessions will provide tailored guidance to all the aspiring coders. Launch a successful tech career with


Course Content

01C++ Basics
  • Background of Programming
  • C++ Introduction
  • First C++ Program
  • Comments in C++, etc
02Variables and Data Types
  • Variables in C++ & Naming Rules
  • Data Types and Range of Data Types in C++
  • Static, Const & Auto in C++
  • Type Conversion C++, etc
03Input Output in C++
  • Input & Output in C++
  • Buffering & Escape Sequence
  • IO Manipulation
  • Floating Point, etc
  • Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators
  • Comparison Operators, Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators, Operator Precedence and Associativity
  • Problem Solving on Operators, etc
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Reviews and Ratings

Ram Prasanna C V
Ram Prasanna C V
Placed in Amazon as a QAE Intern
Initially, I was not comfortable with coding. I kind of guess the logic for the problem but am not able to implement it. So I took a C++ STL course, which makes the implementation much easier. At that point in time only I knew that we had so many inbuilt functions that we can leverage for our implementation. Then I became comfortable tackling any problems, this course gave me an initial level of confidence. Then I took the Complete Interview Preparation course for my placement preparation and it is a kind of complete package to crack most of the companies covering A-Z from an interview perspective.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
Kunwar Pratap
Placed in Axtria as a Data Analyst
The course is structured in a very great way along with a thorough explanation of the STL. This course helped me to write efficient codes for particular problems like which data structure will be suitable to reduce the time complexity. Also, code problems have time constraints and C++ STL helped me to write code within time constraints. In this course, everything was there that I needed like the internal design of the containers and how that particular container will be used. So overall this course helped very much in my coding journey!
user profile
Chitturi Raja Rajeswari
Placed in TCS Digital as a Systems Engineer
The course content is very good and informative. I have gained in-depth knowledge about C++ STL, the coding practice problems have also helped me to learn to code using STL in the C++ Programming language. This course has also helped me to prepare for placements and got placed.
user profile
Ritik Bansal
Placed in Cerner Corporation as a Software Engineer Intern
The course includes all the in-depth concepts for C++ STL. Especially the lecture videos by Sandeep Jain Sir really helped me to learn C++ concepts. The STL concepts explained in this course help one to write easy and efficient codes during Competitive programming challenges. I was able to crack Cerner Corporation, Samsung R&D, Cognizant, and Wipro in my college campus placements with the help of GFG Courses.
user profile
Rajat Sharma
SWE Internship at Microsoft
The courses were structured in such a beautiful way that even with a little knowledge of programming, there were no difficulties in the learning. I have had a fantastic experience with GfG. In beginning, I invested in GfG on the C++ STL course that was my first course and I found that useful, later I invested in DSA Self-paced. It helped me a lot in competitive programming by clearing all my basics of data structure. I reached 5 stars in CodeChef and Expert on CodeForces. Later I used GFG for practicing interview questions and OS DBMS CN for SDE Interview Preparation course for clearing all my CS core basics which ultimately help me to secure an internship at Microsoft. Thank you GFG, Sandeep Sir, and all members who help me to make my future bright.
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